Here listed are the events of the year 2014...


13th - Unreal: Prisoner of Na Pali is announced.

19th - Liandri Tarydium Mines is announced.

22nd - GamesHarder's Unreal Alpha map is released.


9th - Chamber of Choice is released.

14th - Battle for Na Pali OST is released.

19th - The Unreal Buddy System is released.

21st - Don't Shoot the Chest Episode 1 by GTD-Carthage is released.

24th - Remastered 7 Bullets OST is released.


6th - The OSX Background Changer is released.

11th - Battle for Na Pali - Auxiliary Soundtrack is released.

15th - UnrealPolyEd is released.

17th - Deck16 is announced.

18th - Lost in the Sky is announced.


2nd - GamesHarder's AlphaTechDemo map project is announced.

3rd - Star Shoal Chronicles: Episode Infinity is announced.

12th - An unfinished version of Chapel of the Elders Reborn is released.

21st - UnrealPolyEd version 0.7 is released.

27th - De'Nasha Breeche Monastery is released.


5th - The Final version of Unreal Buddy System is released by [UDHQ]Jackrabbit.

14th - Dead Star is announced by UnrealPredator for Unreal.

16th - The Final version of Unreal Buddy System is re-released, due to it being lost whilst moved server.

June Edit

22nd - Jan "eGo" Urbansky releases the UCC Helper