Another Reality is an upcoming campaign by a team of mappers from Currently, 30 levels are planned for the final release.

Level ListEdit

This campaign is currently unreleased.

The StoryEdit

Some time later, after Prisoner 849 has left Na Pali and brought the UMS warship Bodega Bay down, the UMS command is sending another cruiser UMS Bulat, with the same task – to pick up the blueprints of a secret weapon and gather highly important information. In addition, there was a minor problem, to find out what could have happened to the first ship sent to the planet.

The main hero is a soldier who, along with others like him, must land to Na Pali and find one of those two UMS ships, which had wrecked there. So, the soldiers sit in their dropships, by two mates in each ship, and swoop down to the planet. At the same time, Bulat is awaiting for them at planet’s orbit. And although the military act very cautiously this time, and the landing is made at the dark side of the planet, things are getting worse anyway. The Skaarj are pissed off enough by people scurrying about on their territory and as they notice the cruiser, they start attacking it from the surface of the planet. By this time the dropships have just started landing, but haven’t get away from the cruiser far enough and so when it's destroyed, a massive blast absorbs some of the ships and others are being damaged by the shock wave, and they start to fall onto the planet. Protagonist's ship is overtaken by such a fate. He, hardly controlling his damaged ship, tries to perform an emergency landing, but getting closer and closer to the ground, he understands that he will inevitably crash and catapults.