Weapon Info
Weapon Name Automag
Weapon Type Bullet
Projectile Single Bullet

This easy to handle gun uses gun-powder-based bullets (in dual clips of 10) for ammunition. Try to keep track of how many bullets you have left in a clip; attempting to change clips with a pissed off Skaarj in your face is not advised.

  • Primary Fire: Traditional carriage, accurate, slow.
  • Secondary Fire: "Gangsta"-style sideways carriage, less accurate, much faster rate of fire.


  • The Automag shares ammo with the Minigun.
  • The Automag "clip" pickup is actually a bit of a misnomer. Each pickup comes with two clips and provides 20 bullets, but the pickup message indicates that you only picked up one clip.
  • In several alpha versions of Unreal, the Automag had an automatic melee attack and would strike enemies if they got too close.

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