Daryl was a fusion station engineer for the Dead Scorpions. By his estimate, Noork's Elbow would be unable to sustain human life in 3 years due to water and air contamination cause by Tarydium waste. He worked with L. Gates, a fusion reactor safety inspector.

Log entriesEdit

Daryl, Fusion Station Engineer's log: The extreme nature of the waste by-product from our fusion is devastating to living things. Our exhaust stacks erected in Noork's Elbow and the surrounding canyons has turned those ecosystems into dead territory. Our waste pools have crept into the natural water canals beyond our control and every lake or pond in a 10 mile radius is toxic. I have alerted Drago to the future dangers of our testing. We may need to think of new ways of generating power as the years go by. I estimate that the air around Noork's elbow will be unsuitable to sustain human life in about 3 years.

Daryl, Fusion Station Engineer's log: There has been some concern over the color of the Tarydium energy that is produced by our Fusion Reactors. It should be displaying a cold blue wavelength, but our energy streams emit a brilliant orange glow. So far the systems are running normally and we haven't encountered any problems. Perhaps our cloning of the Alien technology isn't as exact as we had hoped. We will run our systems normally, but be alert for any signs of trouble.

Daryl, Fusion Station Engineer's log: The technology we obtained from the Terraniux has proven to be well worth the effort. We have duplicated the Tarydium waste-to-energy properties as best we can and developed our own clone system. With the fusion of our plasma reactors and the Tarydium waste, we have been very successful. 80% of Home Base is powered by our Fusion reactors. The downside to this energy source is the extreme pollution that results.