Ford was a Dead Scorpion was involved in constructing buildings. He was somewhat critical of how Tarydium waste destroyed the wildlife that had been present in Noork's Elbow.

Diary entriesEdit

Ford, personal diary, page 191: The old concrete we used for the brick work is starting to weaken lately. Our supply is plentiful though, we secreted it from some kind of gravel in the lower mines and used it for alot of the surface interior buildings. But the age thing can get annoying, we're constantly putting up new walls. The Elbow used to be full of life, but the underground toxin facilities and all the exhaust stacks we have setup have turned this place into a wasteland. I don't mind so much, better than that prison cell on the Rikers.


According to Keats, a fellow Dead Scorpion, Ford "kidnapped and raped little boys."