Jonas Gershwin  (Vortex Rikers Prisoner 842) was a Dead Scorpion. He would have been sent to the Pit, but was ordered to fight Jones instead.

Diary entriesEdit

Jonas Gershwin's Diary, day 204: There was another roach in my lunch today. I wonder how they make it on board starships such as this one. If that bitch in cell 4A keeps looking at me funny I swear I'm going to rip out her larynx!

Jonas Gershwin's diary: You know I can still feel the Vortex Riker's artificial gravity hum in my head late at night? That sound never goes away, even after twelve goddamn years. This cell brings it out in me. I came here in a cell and I'm in one now. At least this time I deserve it. I fucked up. If I get out of here, I'll prove to Drago that I'm loyal. For what he did for me...all of us...nobody has ever given a shit about me. But him...I'd fucking die for that man.

Jonas Gershwin's diary: Some flies have gotten stuck in the web. USM marines, by the looks of them. In the cell across from me, Drago and the ice queen must have ambushed them. The furious ants have come to reclaim their forgotten harvest. They sent us here and now they want to take us away. Fucking politics of a dying age. A breed only a few generations from self-destruction, and they think they know what is right or wrong? I laugh at them. None will leave this place alive.

Jonas Gershwin's Diary: I was released. They told me that Home Base was under attack and Drago wanted me to prove myself. I thought for sure I was going to the Pit. I don't know why he gave me this chance but I will NOT fail him! They took the UMS tank captain to the Pit instead. My brothers and sisters have embraced me. I will show them all, show Drago, that I can be an honorable man again. The soldier will have to come through the T-cave; I will await him there. Let him see what Jonas Gershwin, former prisoner of the Vortex Rikers, does to those who threaten his family...


Allen, the prison warden, was apparently quite fond of Jonas.