L. Hemgrie was a Dead Scorpion. He worked alongside Jozak and was tasked with water purification.

Diary entriesEdit

L. Hemgrie's Diary: Wow, the water purification turned out to be a major success. We'll have fresh water for the next eight years at this rate, and we're still bottling as Jozak suggested. Only problems we've noted so far are the leaking underground streams--sometimes water gets into places we don't want it to reach. And then there was that time we tried to dam the source in the Terraniux cave. Ended up flooding most of the area. We had to blow up the dam just to drain it back out. There's still a bunch of lilies all over the place.

L. Hemgrie's Diary: Son of a BITCH! Fucking Redrickson went ballistic yesterday and started hurling crates into the water. No idea why he did it, but loads of supplies went down. He even pried open a few ammo crates and hurled away some of our advanced weaponry. Fortunately, I managed to scavenge some of the lighter crates with the more critical stuff. But there's a lot that should have been sent to the main base. It won't be arriving now. I tried to stop him, but the fucker is crazy. He kept shouting at the Terraniux for God knows why. And he's strong, too. I had to subdue him with my dispersion pistol. I don't want to think about what's going to happen when Drago hears about this.