Petra is a lieutenant in the Dead Scorpions and is Drago's second-in-command. She attempts to kill Jones in direct combat, but fails. Later, she tries to kill him using a terran vehicle, but Jones shoots her in the head with a sniper rifle. Without a pilot, her vessel crashes where Drago is lying, killing him.

Log entriesEdit

Petra's log, entry 9211: USM didn't stand a chance. We took them down with little difficulty. The survivors have been brought to the Stronghold, along with the encrypted template taken from the soldier who overthrew the Skaarj forces in the Kran single handedly. The man was unconcious, we would have finished him there but Drago decided to leave him to fend for his own. I would have done the same, it takes quite a warrior to take on an entire legion of Skaarj commandos alone. That man deserves a better death than to be slit in his sleep. If he ventures to the temple, I will give him a death worthy of his skill. I welcome the challenge.

Alert noticesEdit

Alert Notice: Where the fuck is Shore? We need that access code removed from the data base! If anyone locates Shore make sure a secure party escorts him to the Control room. I'm seeing air flow distortions in turbine shafts 30 thru 45. Send an available unit to investigate. Kill the intruder! Petra, Out.




Xander Fisher described Petra as the kind of person who could "freeze a guy's dick off."

Jonas Gershwin gave her the nickname "the ice queen."