S e v e n B u l l e t s
Skaarj Commando shortly before his demise.
Level Info
Map FileName Jones-01-Deployment
Mapper(s) Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker, Eliot "Myscha" Cannon
Music Used Into the Fray (7B-IntoTheFray), Dark (7B-Dark1)
Level Stats
Enemy Count 8
Brush Count 1152
Light Count 157
Poly Count 6571
Node Count 14357
Map Pack Info
Map Pack 7 Bullets
Level No. 1
Map Pack Chronology
Infiltration of the Kran
S e v e n  B u l l e t s is the first playable map in 7 Bullets.


The level opens with a cutscene. After a view of Jones' room - the most notable features being spilled beverages (presumably alcohol) and an apparently brooding Jones - the camera cuts to the familiar locations of Spire Village, the Sunspire, and the wreckage of the ISV-Kran. A terran vessel appears and kills a Skaarj Commando that was idling on the bridge of the Kran. Shortly thereafter, we learn that, because the Kran was hit with an electromagnetic pulse, most of the ship's power is offline. Tasked with recovering a stolen data template, Jones must make his way through the ruined science vessel and kill any Skaarj that get in his way.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Note: the number of weapons and items that appear will vary based on difficulty.

Creatures and EnemiesEdit

Note: the number of enemies that appear will vary based on difficulty.

Translator MessagesEdit

  1. "Sarrij, Bloodpack Science officer: Since the power shutdown, the fields protecting the larvae chambers on Deck 5 and 7 failed and the brood hatched into the venting systems. This works to our advantage, since Lord Ryth anticipates the enemy to infiltrate from indirect routes. This was originally their vessel, they surly know of its passages. I will apply locks to several vent openings, the password is ###."
  2. "I'grrkh, sector Pack Leader: Since the magnetic pulse attack, our warriors have mobilized in the Bloodpack's combat tactic 7. With our source of power disabled, we have resorted to ambushing positions and stealth patroling. We are doing the best we can with our available forces, what happened to the rest of our team in the Sky Haven?"
  3. "Damage Report: Outpost1J has been struck by an EMP. 87% of total systems offline. Several backup genetators were activated upon power loss. Venting systems reactivated but several power distortions are being recorded. Fume emission detected. Central Turbine systems are active but automated atrium locks have been disengaged. 80% of Outpost1J's primary functions cannot be brought back online."


  • The beta version of the map was pitch black, which annoyed Hourences so much in testing that he convinced "Mr. Prophet" to go for for dimly lit, foggy chambers in the final versions of the reduxed Kran maps instead.