Shmick was a Dead Scorpion and stealth tank enthusiast.

Log entriesEdit

Shmick's Log: Oh man, I just can't stop loving this piece of machinery. So it's a UMS tank from the Prometheus crash site investigation team. Who cares? It's a fuckin' stealth tank for the love of God! You don't just get these anywhere! But I managed to steal one when we raided them four years ago. They thought it was the Skaarj, too. Ha! Idiots. No better than the USM folks invading now. I'd wheel my ass on up to the surface for some fun, but something's wrong with the fucking supply doors down here. The mini supply lift is also jammed. Must be due to humidity. I'll have to talk to Jozak about that. I'm not worried about USM, though; Drago knows his shit. They'll all be dead before they know it. And if any get into my hangar, they'll get to suck down some tank plasma.

Shmick's Log: The damn supply door and lift have caused us a lot of grief lately. We can't send stuff directly to the surface, so now we have been taking stuff up through the elevator in the T-cave. Half of the crates brought down there won't even fit in the shaft. I don't know how we're going to keep this sector secure. Well, one thing is safe: the T-cave itself. We locked it down with a keypad, coded %c. That should keep any unwanted visitors out.