Species Information
Designation Sentient
Classification Reptile/Insect
Physical Information
Skin Green, Brown, Grey Scales
Hair Grey (Male Adults)
Eyes Red, Green, Black
Distinctive Features Razik
Social & Cultural Information
Homeworld Sk'rath
Language Vrenic
Affiliation Skaarj Empire
Notable Members Karrikta

The Scarred One

The Skaarj were a race of aggressive Reptilian bipeds who lived by a strict caste system with a Queen at the top. They were native to the planet Sk'rath, though had successfully conquered countless other planets and enslaved their native population, such as the Krall and the Nali. They were also capable of genetic engineering as seen with their "Brutes".


The average Skaarj Warrior measured 8' tall and weighed roughly 375 lbs. They have been described as "extremely aggressive," possessing "superior agility" and are known for being both ruthless and cunning. Warrior-types use their retractable claws to inflict significant damage up-close. These claws also have a long-range energy attack.

Skaarj Troopers are much like Skaarj Warriors; however, they have personal shields that provide some measure of frontal invulnerability, and they can use any weapon a human can. For these reasons, the Trooper class is far more deadly than its Warrior counterpart.