The Bishop primary antagonist of Sky Haven Redux. After fighting the Skaarj for years on end, the Bishop comes to believe that the war against the Skaarj is unwinnable, and so betrays his people in the hopes of living the rest of his life in relative peace. He flees after being severly injured by Jones, only to be killed by a close-range bullet.


Having led a resistance against the Skaarj for years on end, the Bishop has notable skills in wielding firearms, especially for a Nali. He is also able to teleport instantaneously, whereas most Nali have to meditate before doing so.

Journal EntriesEdit

The Bishop, personal journal, last entry: In return for my freedom, I have made an agreement with the Red Nemesis to reveal the locations of various hidden rebel outposts, including the secret location of the Vandora Guard. 20 years ago, I would have never made such a pact, but in my elder years I find myself a different Nali. I'm tired of running, tired of living in constant darkness. I'm tired of being a leader to a pointless cause. Na Pali will never be free, but perhaps I can save my own life. Some would call me selfish, but I feel in my heart that this is the right choice. After all I have endured, after all I have lost...I think I deserve my freedom. A day without fear is enough for me...