UMS (Unified Military Systems) was a Terran military organization with a wide variety of ships that travelled throughout the galaxy.

Known membersEdit

Frederick Grierson

Captain John Clark

Drago (formerly)

Lazurus Stevens (formerly)

MSGT O'Neal (formerly)

Space VesselsEdit

UMS Vortex Rikers - Prison ship that crashed into Na Pali and was subsequently stranded.

UMS Bodega Bay - UMS ship sent to search for the crash of the UMS Prometheus. Destroyed by Prisoner 849.

UMS Prometheus - UMS ship on a top secret mission, transporting the Talon Data Cores

UMS Chantilly - UMS ship sent to investigate the disappearance of the Vortex Rikers.

UMS Exodus

UMS Solaris - UMS Ship orbiting the Planet Na Pali. It was self destructed after being assaulted and taken over by the Skaarj.

UMS Berryessa

UMS Amerigo - UMS Science Vessel tasked with the Surveillance of Na Pali.

UMS Poisedon - UMS Ship once home to Lazarus Stephens and MSGT O'Neal.

UMS Sakura - The UMS ship sent to investigate the radio silence on the Planet Zephon.

Trivia Edit

  • This corporation is often confused with the USM due to the similar acronym.